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iBabi HD w/Remote Pan & Tilt Blue

iBabi HD w/Remote Pan & Tilt Blue

Brand: Amaryllo
Product Code: ACC1308C1AZ
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$229.00 Ex Tax: $199.13


You Can Always Trust That Your Connection is Safe and Secure

The Worlds's First Wireless IP Camera Featuring "Plugging Into Skype" Technology

All iCam HD cameras come with a built-in microphone so that you can receive the crisp and clear detail you expect from Skype

In addition to 1280x720 high definition video recording, the lens also has a viewing angle of 100 degrees. Together with remote pan and tilt control, you have a 360 degree view of the surronding area. The night vision feature of the iCam HD can capture video in complete darkness more than 5 meters away. It alsocomes with a passive infrared motion sensor that will ignore your pets, but alert you to human intruders.

The microchips use the latest H.264 videoencoding which ensures minimal delay between the camera and your device. As specified by Skype, the lag time while streaming video must never exceed 0.5 seconds. You can trust that what you see is in fact, real time.





 *Micro sd card not included

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iBabi HD w/Remote Pan & Tilt Blue
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